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When Choosing Kennels for Your Dog Companion

You’re facing a very important problem. Your entire family is scheduled for a trip that you all purchased very cheaply, using that ever-trusty Agoda booking discount code. You’re excited for the trip, because you’re finally visiting a country in a totally different continent. You’re all set to experience a wholly different climate, as well, so you’ve bought your new clothes to match the weather in that country (once again scoring huge discounts with your AliExpress Anniversary coupon, kortingscode bestseller and your Abubot discount code).

Everything seems to be all set. There’s just one huge major problem: your dog. You’re worried because your entire family is leaving and you don’t know anyone else who lives in Prague who’s nice enough to take in your pooch for an entire two weeks. What to do? Three words: choose a kennel. You can now use an Expedia discount code to travel abroad without worrying about your pet.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Kennels

You don’t have to worry about whether or not your beloved doggie will have a place to stay. As it appears there are actually so many kennels in the Czech Republic that are willing to take your dog in and take care of it, for as long as two weeks and sometimes even longer than that. You won't have to worry if you want to go to Amsterdam centrum or spend your vacation abroad. The key is just to make sure that in choosing your dog’s kennel, you’re really careful and wise about it, looking into the following criteria. You can also buy toys for your pet dog using discounts such as go buy direct coupon or kortingscode paypal if you prefer to pay with your credit card. You can also use aliexpress coupon in app to purchase items using your mobile phone.

The first thing you must consider is cleanliness. You usually have an immediate picture of this during the first visit. Does the place look and smell clean? Do the dogs who live there look clean? Cleanliness is important because it gives you a pretty clear idea of how seriously the kennel personnel take the issue of hygiene. You bathe your dog once a week because that’s how his breed is to be cared for. You wouldn’t want him to be bathed in less times than that, of course.

The second thing you must look out for is ventilation and light. Make sure that there’s enough space for each dog in the kennels. Do not settle for kennels where the dogs are all cramped up and have very little space to move around. You’ve always provided huge spaces for your dog to play in, so don’t go for kennels who don’t give him that luxury.

The third thing you must be wary of is a comfortable temperature. You have to be sure that your dog won’t be forced to endure very cold or very hot temperatures while you’re away. You wouldn’t want your dog to be all sick when you get back home. That would be a very bad welcome home greeting, indeed.

Lastly, make sure that the staff of the kennel are knowledgeable and caring. If they seem to be passive or uncaring, then do not even think twice about not putting your dog under their care. You have to be sure that the staff who will take charge of your dog’s stay is fully capable of being as conscientious as you are, especially when it comes to devoting utmost care to him.

You don't have to stress over how your beloved pooch will be for the next 2 weeks or so while you're enjoying your vacation.  Kennels offer professional care and will see to it that your pet is well taken cared for. So you can now plan for a long vacation using travel discounts.

Rain Sherman

dog trainer

Rain Sherman decided to devote her life to animals and caring for them.
She has been an active member of various organizations committed to animal rights since she was 30.
Her heart is nearest to dogs in particular,
being a trainer and teacher in a number of dog training schools.