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FAQs on Choosing the Right Kennels

  • “I’m going away on a trip and there’s no one to take care of my dog. What’s a good place to leave him in?”

You can always look for good dog shelters. These shelters come in the form of kennels which aim to provide good homes for your dog while you’re away.

  • “There seem to be a lot of kennel options. How do I know which to choose?”

When choosing kennels, remember to prioritize cleanliness. Also, upon entering the place, take note of the smell. This is important because it tells you a lot of the kind of place within which your dog will be staying in the next couple of weeks. If it’s dirty and it stinks, abort mission. Move to a different shelter.

  • “Do I also need to evaluate the ones who’ll be taking care of my dog?”

But of course. This is a no-brainer. As soon as you get to meet the caretakers and the persons in-charge, pay attention to how they talk and engage with you. Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about? Do they have a friendly vibe?

  • “How do I prepare my dog for this?”

Remember to take your dog to visits to the kennel days or weeks before your trip. This will be a good way to allow your dog to get a feel of the place and to get used to it, too.

  • “How much does it usually cost?”

The cost of the stay will vary, because the quality of kennels also vary. Needless to say, loving your dog also means that no good kennel will be too expensive, as long as there is the assurance that proper care is being given to your best friend.